Wear light, breathable clothes that have been designed for physical activity and that you can move easily in. Wear closed shoes such as cross training or running shoes. You may also want to bring a sweatshirt to keep you warm when you leave the gym.

Yes VR Fitness prides itself on having the most qualified trainers, specialists & coaches in Ennis.

The answer to this question depends on your current level of fitness and what your goals are. Government guidelines recommend that the average healthy individual does 30 minutes of moderate cardiovascular and strength exercise 3-5 times per week.

Exercise alone will not help you lose weight. Eating a healthy diet comes together with exercise and a mixture of both should be highly considered. By making small changes gradually to your diet you will be amazed as to how much weight you can lose. Adding exercise to this will also help you lose weight by burning fat even after your workout has finished. It will also tone up your body at the same time.

Adequate hydration is important to all - especially when exercising. But can we drink too much in our efforts to avoid dehydration?

Aan average adult should consume 2.5 litres of water per day. This intake needs to be increased during periods of hot weather or during and after periods of physical activity.

You can get your daily water requirements from sources other than pure water - your cup of tea counts! Water is the main ingredient of all drinks – carbonated drinks and still drinks, fruit juices and fruit and vegetables all have a high water content..

Yes of course. We have a team of highly qualified and friendly Personal Trainers who will show you safe and fun ways to enjoy your experience at VR Fitness.

Of course! You can choose from Strength & Conditioning and Bootcamp.